Home Maintenance Schedule

General Joel Smith 6 Jan

New Year Home Maintenance Plan Keep your home in comfy, cozy and working order all year long with this easy maintenance schedule highlighting important areas to check – and when! January: Safety check! Start your year off on the right foot by ensuring your home is in proper working order. Test your smoke and carbon […]

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Prepayment Privileges

Understanding your mortgage Joel Smith 6 Jan

My favourite part of a client’s mortgage contract is the prepayment privileges. This is the part of the contract you can use to save money and pay less on interest. I love telling my clients how they can save themselves thousands of dollars and take years off their mortgages with prepayments. Many people don’t understand […]

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Advantages of using a Mortgage Agent

General Joel Smith 19 Oct

So you may ask yourself, why would I use a mortgage broker or agent when I can just go to the bank or credit union? There are many upsides to using a mortgage broker/agent. Choice! When going to a bank for a mortgage they will offer you all the products that they offer in house. […]

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